LdapConn. [. −. ] [src] Handle for LDAP operations. A connection is opened by calling new (). If successful, this returns a handle which is used for all subsequent operations on that connection. Authenticating the user can be done with simple_bind () or sasl_external_bind (); the latter may be used when the underlying connection has already .... When running a LDAP search as the administrator account, you may be exposed to user encrypted passwords, so make sure that you ... Overview. The below PHP script is an example of how to connect to Active Directory via LDAP and retrieve a list of users' details. If instead, you are looking to retrieve information on computer accounts. LDAP Result Code Reference: Core LDAPv3 Result Codes The core LDAPv3 specification in RFC 4511 defines a number of result codes that are intended to be used in LDAP responses. This chapter describes each of those result codes, the types of operations for which that result code may be returned, and some of the potential causes for it. "/>Ldap3 connection search